peer presure

by , Tuesday April 4, 2017

peer presure!


ok guys,



so my friends have been trying to tell me to date this guy named jay. ok he is cute, funny, an idiot, and all that other stuff. ok so at first i was really against the idea. my friends just kept saying it though. so pretty soon it was like something that they had put in my head and then it started to sound like a good idea. does this kind of thing ever happen to anyone else? if so i would love to know what happened and how you sloved it! ok so back to this. i recently realized that i dont actually like him that my friends had just put the idea in my head so i started to believe it. i actually like our other friend dylan. i guess i dont know what to do. if anyone wants to talk about a similar situation that they have gone through i would be happy to listen!





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