An everyday witch

by , Wednesday March 29, 2017
An everyday witch

Believe in witchcrafting

Its not always easy to keep your believe steady when everyone else tells you no, or thinks your crazy.



I have been a witch for 6-7 years now, dedicated and certain in what I believe in, and sure about what happens when I does some things. But in the beginning it was really hard to talk about, no one knew, it was a huge secret. It wasnt because it was popular, which it wasnt, it was just my call, nowadays people claim to be witches, when they just does it for attention and fashion. It does give me a bitter taste in the mouth, but on the other hand it must be way easier to be witch in this age than just 5 years ago.


People thought me as crazy when I told I could communicate faintly with the other world and I faintly could use energy to heal. They saw me as a freak and someone crawing for attention, but it wasnt like that, I could really feel it was my call, of course I was doubting if I just should quit, it was also scary at first, not only being looked down upon, but also being alone in that world, I didnt have anyone to guide me other than the internet and my own gut, which have told me several times not to believe everything on the web.


But eventually I got older, my secure in myself and more powerful, I have always seen myself as a grey witch, someone who does good and bad, if anyone know the term chaotic neutral, that would be me, it is all about how I feel, what feels right and the higher beings tells me. And before you ask, no I do not believe in god, neither am I a follower of a Pagan belief.


I feel my belief is the right, but other people have the right to believe what they want, I dont look down on them for that, only their behaviour towards others. I myself believe in Satan, that is just how it is. But I dont see it as tabooo, I see it as my enlightment, aswell as other people see theirs. But I still dont like to be looked down upon, I just want everyone to get over it, people do have the right to their own, aswell as I.


Hope you enjoyed it, I will write more later <3

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