Valentine's Competition Winners

by , Tuesday March 28, 2017
Valentine's Competition Winners

Winners of the Valentine's Competition

We loved reading your stories, now we're ready to announce the winners <3



Our Valentine's Day competition was all about the love...and there are many sides to this emotion. There's love, there's hate, heartbreak - and much like the entries in this competition - there's an unpredictable mix of everything on this spectrum. Even the covers of this competition's many entries were impressive, some being hand-drawn, others masterfully created using the programs and technology at your disposal :) The majority of entries, however, were romance stories and the sheer amount of them made it much harder to choose our top picks but we have the winners and their entries below for any of you who missed the hearthobbing (or was it heartwrenching?) reading.


Winners will receive books and giftcards from Amazon. We really hope you enjoyed having this competition on Movellas - thanks again to everyone who participated!



1st Place

Powerful People by Artemisia




2nd Place

Library Girls by Anna




Best Visual

They by ChelberNo1




We have two worthy mentions from this competition as well, stories with potential that we couldn't help but like or resist the urge to share...

But you left by PTamor



Different by Louise McBear





Winners will be contacted by email.

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