my life

by , Friday March 24, 2017

my school life sucks.

my school life sucks and it is now starting to effect my home life too.

ok guys im new at this. my name is makayla. and i could really just use any way to releive my stress/anger. so my u.s. history teacher is terrible. he gives us packets, we turn them in, he doesnt give them back to us for at least 3 weeks then he asks for them back a week later because he forgot to actually put the grade in the grade book! ok whatever but then he misplaces piles of packets and then thinking that we never turned them in he puts a zero in the grade book. ok this just happended to me today, i found the pile in my a.i.s. u.s. class. so i brought them to him. the thing that makes me the most mad is the freaking castles he gives us. he gives us like 6 a week and most of them are 50 questions long. ok you guys are probably like whatever this little girl is whining. well no actually im not! he then procedes to give them based on things he hasnt even tought us. oh and he NEVER teaches he gives us packets and says here ya go! or he will put more castles on there and never tell us about them. oh and dont get me started on the fact that he puts them in the grade book as a zero and keeps reseting them well i have doen several and i have gotten between 75-90s on them all and he resets them like excuse me? no. oh and you know how most teachers will update the grades often? well he doesnt he only updates things twice a freaking marking period! like who does that?!?!? so mean while this is happening and my mom is screaming at me for it at home. so tonight we got into a huge argument and i tried to explain to her yet again that this is happening. she just said you better not touch your phone and im coming to school with you on monday and we will all sit down and have a meeting about your grade. and i said no i dont want to be seen with you at school. i mean come on guys who hasnt ever had that moment when you dont want to be embarassed because you have to have your mom come into school. so notice how i said "seen with her IN SCHOOL" ya well she took that as in never be seen with her ever and that from now on she isnt helping me with anything. so she told me that means no phone figure out how to get my license by myself and all this other stuff!!! so then she shut off my phone!!!!!!!!! everything that i had on it that wasnt backed up (75% of the stuff on my phone) its just gone like ugh! so all my art all my song recordings, all my lyrics, all my school stuff, all of my FKUFFING CONTACTS!!!!!!!!!! like no i have no way to get a hold of some of these people to get back their contact information because they moved!!! so like it is all just gone! and then she said she was taking back the stuf that she bought, she took all of my art supplies!!!!!! i need that it  is my life! i am a art major! but no all of it just gone. and to top it all off a 5 page essay that i was supposed to have turned in by tonight at 10 pm that i only needed to finish one more page and then all the reserch for it was on my phone... ya the phone that SHE JUST SHUT OFF!!!! thats it GONE! POOF! NO MORE FREAKING ESSAY! i just can not believ she actually did that. 


i am just so upset right now! if anyone has anything they would like to share or talk about then just message me or whatever.



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