by , Friday March 24, 2017
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Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to complain about the unacceptable treatment that I received in your restaurant last friday when I was intended  to have dinner with my husband.

First of all, we were given a table just in front of the toilets because there was not any other available, although we had booked it in advance. Furthermore, we were forced to leave at 10 p.m because someone else had also booked the same table.

Secondly, we had to wait for nearly half an hour to be served and after the long waiting  we were obliged to change our minds and ask for meat because there was no lobster left. In fact, only three out of the seen main courses were available.

I would also like to point out  the incompetence of the service because the waiter spilled the sauce over my husband´s dish even though we had asked him not to do so.

To make matters worse,  there was no response when I asked to meet the manager of the restaurant so I have been forced to write to make you know about WW these unfortunate incidents.

I very much hope that in future you will take care of  these mistakes in order to prevent them and I am afraid to say that I will have no alternative but to put the matter in the hands of my solicitors should not I receive compensation within the next few days.

Yours faithfully,

Cecil Jacobs

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