Top 7 Iphone apps for book lovers

Use iPhone to enhance your reading

Although an iPhone can’t replace your library, it is a great supplement to your collection. An iPhone will enhance your reading ability and provide convenience of reading from any place. It will also enable you stay up to date with the latest releases and best sellers. All this is possible due to the vast iPhone apps (including Movellas app we all know and love) that assist readers meet their daily reading needs. These apps include Audiobook players, e-readers and other book related applications. Among them are:


1. Goodreads

This app is a good companion for any book lover; it connects you to other readers and their reviews. Once installed, this app will assist you catalog your library since it has a barcode scanner. Therefore, you can easily share your collection, thoughts and likes with the world. It has a great combination of trends, social network, book news and wish lists. It is not only a great resource for book lovers, but also helps readers keep track of the books they are reading and also find new books online.

2. iBooks

iPhone owners can now get any book instantly via iBooks. This is a powerful app which includes an e-bookstore as well as an e-book reader. With the help of this app, users can download, browse or read an extensive collection of new books and contemporary favorites. Users have reviewed the experience of using this app as top notch since it has annotations, notes, highlighting, and iCloud support. Users can also easily import ePub and PDF documents to read via this app.

3. Kindle

This app gives you the chance to carry all your apps with you wherever you go. The Kindle app is particularly used to read books purchased from since these eBooks comes in a propriety format. Even if your books are not from, kindle will still provide you with the best reading experience on your iPhone. It will sync your cloud eBooks, including bookmarks and annotations, it can also display Mobi and PDF files that lack DRM, and it also contains an in-app dictionary.

4. eBookMobi

Once you purchase your eBooks, it is time to get an app to read them. However, some of these eBooks come in different formats and some readers might not support them. eBookMobi is a paid app, and can be used to open files like ePub, pdb, Mobi, PDF, fb2, HTML, RTF, CHM, CBR and TXT. You can easily customize this app and use it to import books from dropbox as well as other free eBook sites.

5. eBook Search Pro

This app is used to search for free eBooks thus enabling you to track down your favorite collections with minimum effort right from your iPhone. This app connects you to formatted catalogs provided by 7 various sources of free Audiobooks and e-books, which you can then download to your iPhone and read later. There is a free version of eBook Search, but it comes with ads; the Pro version costs less than a dollar and is quite effective and preferable.

6. OneDrive Media Console

This iPhone app enables users to easily access their local libraries and borrow e-books at ease. You will definitely fall in love with your library once you have this app since any Audiobooks or e-books available in the library will be available right in your iPhone. However, make sure to unlock your phone before using any of these apps.

7. Google Play Books

This iPhone app enables book lovers to instantly gain access to millions of titles from Google Play. It mainly operates as a portal that enables you to read the eBooks in the Google Play library. You can there take your favorite books with you as you go and also customize your reading experience. Other than that, you can also be able to buy books on Google Play.


Reading is encountering rapid transformations as a result of developments in technology. Using smartphones to carry your books around is an amazing way to keep yourself busy and nourish the bookworm in you. This is enhanced by the availability of fantastic IOS apps that not only assist you read various formats of e-books, but also enable you search for new best sellers and also download them for later use. In addition, these apps save you a couple bucks you could have used to buy a hardcopy; they also save the environment by reducing cutting of trees.


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