The GIF Side of Villains

by , Friday March 24, 2017
The GIF Side of Villains

The GIF Side of Villains

Ever wonder if certain sinister villains would look even more awesome in gif form? Look no further...



There are many wonderful GIFS out there, but they are made even better when they star Crowley or Agent Smith. Don't believe me? Just watch.



It's Crowley. Everyone's favourite needy, whiny, rude, British villain. Although, in my opinion, his status as a villain can be argued. I think he's nice. Just sayin'. Fun fact (here we go again): Mark Sheppard was in an episode of The X Files. The truth is indeed out there. You can't look at Crowley and not think he's adorable. I mean, look. Really look. And tbh, he's me. Needy, whiny, depressed, British. Same m8.



AGENT SMITH. YAY. But I am currently annoyed about The Matrix. Warner Bros. wants to reboot it. Without Keanu. Without Hugo. Without the original directors. Without the original writers. IT'S NOT THE MATRIX IF KEANU AND HUGO AREN'T IN IT. TAKE A HINT WARNER BROTHERS. And yes I did only realise that Hugo was in Lord of The Rings a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't seen The Matrix, first, what is wrong with you? ;) Second, don't bother with the last one. I only made it halfway through the second one too. The first is the best. Why doesn't Keanu age??? He must be a vampire, amirite? I'm right.


I spent a little too long fuming about Warner Bros. so I'll try and keep this one brief. Lucifer is my bae. As soon as he screamed 'Good Morning Vietnam!' in Season 5, it was love. His voice saying that phrase has legitimately been my phone alarm for a solid YEAR. Speaking of Vietnam, the boy's choir at my school sang Bui Doi from Miss Saigon and it was lowkey the best thing I've ever seen. SPOILER Only Mark Pellegrino can play Lucifer in my eyes. If you're up to date with Season 12, you know what I mean.


My Irish bundle of psychotic joy. At this point, I want Sherlock to carry on just because of him. Because I'm sure we can all agree here, that Sherlock Season 4 wasn't the best. Steven Moffat was trying to out-clever himself. It didn't work Steven. And he basically ruined Doctor Who. When Tennant left, it slowly went downhill. And why wasn't Moriarty's 'Miss me?' message mentioned at all in Season 4?? There was like a couple of scenes where they were like 'Don't worry, for he is dead,' and that was it. Care to explain Moftiss?


Darth Vader is end game. No denying that he is the original classic villain. Forget Anakin, that's something we should all do ('I hate sand. It's irritating and course and it gets everywhere' -Hayden Christensen). Another FUN FACT: The guy in the Darth Vader suit had a really broad West Country accent, and they tried using his voice, and needless to say, it wasn't very intimidating. So they had to get another guy in just to do the voice.



Well, this was an experience. You have learnt all about my grudge against Warner Brothers, how much I relate to Crowley, and that whenever someone says 'Vietnam' I think about 12 boys aged 14-18 standing in a semi-circle. Fun.



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