Gotham Villains

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Gotham Villains

Gotham Villains

Get to know some super villains and vicious vigilantes



Gotham is one of the better shows done by DC Comics and is set in the time before Batman and the Joker, giving audiences insight into the lives before these characters who end up being our traditional images of DC characters. Within the show, there are a handful of villains who've been killed, left alive, and brought back.


Here are some of my favorite villains. Feel free to comment your opinions and your favorite characters below.




Jerome Valeska


Jerome is introduced to us as a young man who murdered his mother, for the shocking reason of her ‘nagging’ him. This prompted him to be one of the largest antagonists, strikingly similar to The Joker himself!


Valeska is sent to Arkham Asylum, meeting other people similar to him and becoming friends with many other people. Busted out of Arkham, Valeska joined The Maniax, a little group that caused trouble – which I will go into detail about later on... Jerome didn’t last long in this little group, being killed by a stab to the throat by his boss: Theo Galavan.


By popular demand, and also the cunning writers, Valeska reappeared in Season 3. As a dead person, surprise, surprise. But what came as a surprise to viewers was his legacy which had created a little cult that wanted to bring Valeska back to life. And they succeeded. Valeska was brought back to life and havoc reigned. Valeska’s attempt to kill Bryce Wayne continued throughout the season, leading up to the funfair, in which Valeska’s plan was thrown off course by the GCPD.


What makes Jerome such a good villain is the fact that there are no rules for him. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and seems to have no other agenda than to cause havoc. I think this is what a lot of people don’t do, they give their villain such a strict agenda that their villain seems too robotic.



Oswald Cobblepot


Commonly known as ‘The Penguin’, Cobblepot’s depicted to have a rough childhood, being raised single handedly by his mother and constantly bullied. He entered the criminal world of Gotham and joined Fish Mooney (again, I’ll come onto her later), being her right hand man. Not long after, Cobblepot grew tired of this and betrayed the gang he was in. Cobblepot soon turned murderous when two jocks that picked him up in the countryside mocked him for 'walking like a penguin.' Oswald is commonly seen in Gotham trying to repair his links in the criminal underworld and getting rid of anyone that mocks him or gets in his way.


What makes Oswald a villain not to be underestimated is the lengths he’s willing to go to, such as killing a woman and feeding the woman in question to her children in order to gain respect and power. That’s something that sets Oswald apart from other villains, his patience, but also his desire for hunger and his means to go to any lengths, even breaking his own rules in order to gain power.



The Maniax


See? I told you I’d get around to these guys. Composed of: Jerome Valeska, Richard Sionis, Aaron Helziger, Barbara Kean, Robert Greenwood, and Arnold Dobkins. These Arkham Asylum inmates were brought together by Theo Galavan to wreak havoc across Gotham City. Their downfall came about from the excessive murdering of police officials while Bryce Wayne (to be Batman) and Selina Kyle (to be Catwoman) tried to escape. The two managed to sneak police officers inside. All members of the Maniax were killed, aside from Barbara Kean, who fell into a coma, and Jerome Valeska, who was brought back to life.


These guys make amazing villains as a group as, again, they have no agenda aside from murder. Although they all have their own personal agendas, all are unique in that they stand out from one another. Another reason they are such good villains is because they act true to how people would react if you shoved a bunch of them who hated each other in a room – they argue. The six have the ability to strike fear into viewers, the citizens of Gotham, but also provide comic relief in some places, adding humour and sarcasm.



Fish Mooney


Fish Mooney came from nothing to everything, working under Carmine Falcone. She became one of his most respected members and came into a position of power early on. Running her nightclub in Gotham, Mooney blurs the lines between good and evil, offering hints and tips to main characters, while also going against authority figures and murdering. Mooney was later murdered in season 2 and vanished from the screen for a while.


Returning again under Hugo Strange as ‘Subject 13’, Mooney has an altered personality, there is no blurred lines, she is pure evil. Mooney demands Strange build her an army but when the GCPD bust in, she escapes, not making a large appearance in season 3.


What makes Mooney a good villain, I hear you ask. Well, although she may go through the cliché ‘nothing to everything’ villain transformation, the contrast she undergoes when angered makes her different. Mooney can go from a nurturing woman to a woman of uncontrollable anger. But what also makes her so good is that she holds many values that everyday people have: sexism and feminist values. She gets incredibly angry when people make sexist comments – going as far to murder them – and despises being talked down to.

*NOTE: Do not murder people if they make sexist comments. 



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