Panic! At The Disco Rant

by , Wednesday March 22, 2017
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Panic! At The Disco Rant

I miss when Panic! At The Disco was still together man

why am i talking about panic when the anniversary of mcr breaking up is tomorrow

As you guys probably know, Brendon Urie is the only guy left in Panic! At The Disco, which makes a lot of people very sad. Don't get me wrong, that bean is doing very well on his own, I just miss the golden days. (OH DON'T YOU WONDER WHEN THE LIGHT BEGINS TO FADE AND THE CLOCK JUST MAKES THE COLORS TURN TO GREY FORVER YOUNGER GROWING OLDER JUST THE SAMEEEEEEE! ALL THE MEMORIES THAT WE MADE WILL NEVER CHANGEEEEE!) 

So, let me explain what happened since the band formed in 2004. There were four members, Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon. Ryan and Brendon were lowkey really gay for each other but then one day they got into a fight. :O Ryan wanted to sing some songs and Beebo was like "EXcuSe YoU bUt I am ThE LEAd SinGeR" and Ryan was like "O well im the leader" and not only that but Ryan wanted to have a more retro alternative sound, while Brendon wanted a more polished, pop sound. (I'm having an existential crisis rn help) Jon took Ryan's side and Spencer took Brendon side and then Ryan and Jon were like "Fine guess what we quit" And Brendon and Spencer were like "K" and they made a new album together. Then Spencer left bc y not and Dallon joined the band with his fiesty bass guitar. They made an album together and the Dallon left because apparently having a family is more important than being shipped with your band mate. Then Brendon was all alone and he got married to a rlly girl he wrote a song about in that album he wrote to get over Ryan. 

I miss those days back when it was the original four tho. Do you remember how gay it was? I guess things are okay now tho, but still. 

Anyways Brendon's married to this realllllly hot girl named Sarah and she's BEAUTIFULLLLLL. The Ryden shippers and the Brallon shippers need to stop giving her crap because Brendon loves her and she loves Brendon. Plus they're really cute together. Does anyone else think they should do a duet in the next album????? I think that would be the cutest thing ever tbh. 

Also I feel like we should take a moment to discuss the milk fic i'm sorry but what the frick even is that i'm like what lmao.

AHHHHHH i rlly kinda miss emo brendon like now brendon's all like drugs and tuxedo jackets where'd the little emo kid go? I still rlly love him though like that forehead tho. Also he's such a wonderful person like omgggg. Did you know this one time after a show this girl was crying cause her friends left without her and he asked her if there was anyone he could call and when it was really hot out at one of his concerts he bought water for everybody in the crowd and at a really cold concert he bought everybody pizza and don't you dare try to say he's not a good person because he is.

Let's just take a moment to talk about the perfection of Brendon Urie like omg. His hair accents his forehead and like his forehead is so biggggggg like you could eat a taco on his forehead and his dark brown eyes are so entrancing and captivating and his lips are plump and round and his eyebrows are on fleek and he is just overall perfect like he is satan and god at the same time.

That reminds me Brendon Urie revealed that he is Satan in the Emporors new clothes music video??? Also like he revealed that he is in fact the leader of the illuminati in the LA Devotee music video and now that's the Death of a Bachelor tour symbol like what ok.

I went to see this beauty in concert about a month ago and it was sick as frick. 

Have you ever wondered what Brendon Urie smells like? I've always wondered that. If I ever meet him i will smell him. Imagine if you were sarah and you got to smell him everyday likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

My Panic! At the Disco poster looms over me, watching me write this.

I have spanish class tomorrow ugh i h8 that class.

I can't think of anything else to say so bye.


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