The World Is No Longer The Same.

by , Tuesday March 21, 2017

"I'm Pretty Sure That Everybody Noticed that the wolrd has changed... a lot"

I heard the a yound college student was put in the back of a trunk and then escaped... a COMPLETE failure... well for the guy who tried to kidnap her that is...

*Shakes Head*

Everyone says that the world is changing but i'm pretty sure that it's changing a little TOO fast.

As we grow older we gradually become different. It's not like we stay the same way forever...

I'm pretty sure that we all yell at someone  every once and a while. For example i used to yell at my parents.

So if you ever feel bed because you did something wrong then don't feel bad about it and yes, everybody makes mistakes.

And no i'm not trying to be a hannah montannah.


Just so you know i got back from the Hospital on sunday so i'm not feeling very well. Just threw up yesterday xD


-See you all soon! :)

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