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Hey! I'm just a little female who will be writing a blog on here to do with books. And I mean published books, not ones that are on here. So, for example, maybe a Sherlock Holmes novel, or a Harry Potter book. I'm not sure how consistent I will be, but I'm sure I'm going to attempt to constantly keep you guys informed on new books I'm reading, or novels I think are worth your time! So, grab a cookie, a cup of tea, and enjoy your stay. c:



Blog Update #1

Books I am currently reading:

► Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

► Labyrinth by Kate Mosse


Start of my blog! Welcome readers. I am Maisie, and I am a something-year-old female who lives in Britain. I spend most of my time studying and reading, so I mean - my life is pretty boring. So I decided to occupy myself with a Blog. Hopefully people enjoy this little thing!

Either way, let's get onto out first minor review. This is a book that I am currently reading, but I thought that since this is just the start of this blog, and I'm not sure if I will carry this on, I might as well pick a book that I just started reading.

Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four 

I am reading this book because of my English Lit. class, and I doubt I would've ever picked this up without it. And as dull as it sounded when I first read the blurb, oh boy, did my opinion change. The Sign of Four is not only a very interesting book, but it is well-planned out and very eye-catching. It is really worth your attention if you enjoy a good mystery book, where the fate turns with a single clue being revealed. Multiple times I have had my thoughts focused on a certain target, speculating that it would end up being him, but a single clue easily changed my mind. The story is told through the eyes of Sherlock's very good companion, Dr. Watson. And oh boy, does it sometimes get confusing. At a certain point in the novel, Dr. Watson is reciting a story from a man whom had been also telling the story from memory. It is unclear what he is speaking about, because of the confusion that had been - at that time - running through our well-known doctor.

The book itself is easy to read, and although some words are unknown to us modern folk, it is easy to search up the meaning of a certain word in the dictionary [so get your ass up and look for that meaning!] so to understand a sentence it really isn't too hard. At certain points you might get a little confused, but don't worry about that, it all becomes clear after a little while. c;

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