Winners of the Alternate Universe Competition!

Winners of the Alternate Universe Competition

Your fanfics were all read - now,  let us tell you about the winners!



This competition required writing Alternate Universe (AU) fanfics, and whatever form or universe these fanfictions were in was entirely up to you. To be frank, good AUs are difficult to write, and not just because of the fact that taking your character(s) out of their universe for a version all your own necessitates a well thought plot and seamless premise, so these AUs are really a feat in themselves. There was some cover-making, but the majority of entries were AU fanfics, and great ones at that.


The winners will receive books and giftcards from Amazon. We hope you all enjoyed having this writing competition on Movellas - thanks to those who participated in making it harder to select the winners. Either way, check these awesome movellas out...




Best AU Fanfic

The Rose by GoToTheGalaxy




AU Fanfic Runner Up

The Life He Lost by Brooke Weasley




Best Cover

Down the Rabbit Hole by TheLonelyCakeSlice




There are two honorable mentions from this competition, both stories worth reading and dwelling in a universe and expanding a plot line that's out of this world, or universe rather ;)

The Hunter Games by Acsaxe



Cope by Sammyluvsya





Winners will be contacted by email.

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