Villains Feature Week

by , Monday March 20, 2017
Villains Feature Week

Villains Feature Week

We're beginning another feature week and the theme this time is a bit more sinister...



Every good fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain.” – Jim Moriarty, BBC Sherlock.



Well, we here at Movellas all say, “cheers to that!” and it's why we’re kicking off a new feature week: on Villains. Because, let’s face it. We all love villains! We love Darth Vader, Crowley, Moriarty, Captain Hook, Lucifer, there’s so many!


Villains come in all shapes and sizes. From your classic villains like Maleficent, who curses Princess Aroura and turns herself into a dragon in Sleeping Beauty, to your newer and sassier villains like Supernatural’s Lucifer and Crowley, to the iconic villains with unforgettable lines like, “You have failed me for the last time” said best by Darth Vader in Star Wars.


We can’t help but have a soft spot for villains, can we? Well, this week we’re celebrating those soft spots with feature week!


We have GIFs! We have theories! We have tips on writing good villains, and tips on how to give your protagonist an evil side! This week is going to be choc-a-block, as we say here in the Land Down Under, with villain-y goodness.


Iconic villains such as Darth Vader simply can’t be forgotten because of their awesome lines, roles in their stories, and their in-depth characterisation that fandoms haven’t dared touch.


But then you have the theorists that dig and dig deep into books and movies and video games, and they look into the actions and motives of both the heroes and the villains. This leads us to question, is Agent Smith (The Matrix) actually evil? Is Mario Jumpman Mario a murdering sociopath? Does Purple Guy (Five Nights at Freddy’s) have a tragic backstory? Has Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) been too influenced by the Dark Side? ...Is Batman letting criminals escape from Arkham Asylum to continuously make himself look like the hero?


Here in villains week we take a look at some of these questions. Our Ambassadors have prepared an awesome batch of blogs for you this week. Are you excited? I’m excited!



Everybody kick back, relax, and grab some popcorn – let’s get our villain on with Villains Feature Week!



Thank you to Willow Angel for writing this intro and to Prodigy for creating the banner

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