Fanfiction Do's and Don'ts (Part 1)

by , Thursday March 30, 2017
Fanfiction Do's and Don'ts (Part 1)

Fanfiction Do's and Don'ts

What to do in writing the best fanfiction and some things to avoid...



Fanfiction is an online genre where people can write whatever they want. If you search the internet, there are millions of fanfictions. A lot of them have the same, or a similar storyline. You have probably all heard of the girl who moves to a new school and meets the popular boy. It's a classic, and because of all the good fanfics out there, it's often hard to be original. 


There aren't any official guidelines, but you can learn a lot from writing fanfics on Movellas. We've been thinking about what works and what doesn't and we want to share some advice with you. This blog will be the first of two blogs on the subject. 


If any of you find that you're doing many of the "don'ts" in this list, it doesn't mean that your story is bad. Not at all. These are just tips to make your story stand out or to make it even better than it already is. 



When it comes to content...

Don’t: We have read a lot of stories that begin with: "Hi, my names is /name/ and this is my story I'm tall and my hair is blond" etc. 

Do: Instead, you should begin the story amidst some other bustling scene. The girl's story and personality are important to the story, but you shouldn't give it all away in the first ten sentences.


Don’t: Don't put a picture of the girl's clothes in the chapter. We know it can be tempting, because everyone will know what she's wearing. But it ruins the reader expierence and the story can go down in quality.

Do: It's way better to describe what she's wearing with words. You don't have to do more than two sentences, if it's even important. It's not even necessary to describe it every time, just describe the most important outfits in the course of the styoryline, or for example if she's wearing a red dress and it's a symbol, then it should be written that way too.


When coming up with the title...

Don’t: Don't use a popular title and try to avoid the overused words, like love. We wouldn't advise you use song titles either, unless it's the best explanation for the title. If you're writing about One Direction, don't name your story "Story of My Life" or "What Makes You Beautiful". We're sure you can find another title that describes your story even better.

Do: Find something more original. Otherwise people will think of another story and feel like they've already read it.


When writing about the surroundings...

Don't: If your characters live in London or the USA, make sure that the details are right. Even though Niall Horan likes Nandos, if the story is set in the USA, they can't eat there, because it's only in England. 

Do: If your charachters are going to a café or restaurant, search for one on Google Maps or make up your own. We would recomend to make your own café, if the characters are going to be there often. Then you can describe it as you want to.


We hope you can use the advice!

and happy writing,

The Movellas Team

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