Characters of Parks and Recreation!

by , Tuesday March 14, 2017
Characters of Parks and Recreation!

The Characters of Parks and Recreation

Brush up on the many characters from this witty show


Oh, the many characters of Parks and Rec….and I am here to explain who they are and my opinion of them!


Leslie Knope

Leslie is probably the most outgoing person on the show. She helps run the majority of the Parks department and likes getting things done, therefore makes many folders and scrapbooks to sort things out (and make things pretty). Leslie always tries to get everyone involved in the work also. She is charismatic however a little of her self centered-ness can rub off on her time to time. She also loves waffles!


Ben Wyatt

Ben is a very brainy but shy person. He works in the Parks department but sometimes he is seen working at an Accountants firm. He also has a huge crush on Leslie (they’re a thing). Ben also has a deep love for calzones. In one episode he became majorly depressed when he didn’t have a job so made calzones, a new board game, and a claymation video. 


Andy Dwyer

Andy is the comedian of the gang. He works as a shoe shining man at the Parks department, and has worked there for quite some time. He use to date Ann Perkins (will explain below) but currently is married to April Ludgate. Andy is extremely funny and always tries to help even if things don’t go his way…Andy also has two alter egos called Johnny Karate (a kids show host) and Burt Macklin (FBI man). 


April Ludgate

April started off as an intern at the Parks department. She didn’t actually want the job but ended up getting it anyway. She may seem very unhelpful but does have some talent. She’s usually very pessimistic and does not like receiving hugs from people other than Andy. April also has an alter ego called Janet Snakehole.


Ann Perkins

Ann is very down to earth, probably the most innocent. She works as a nurse at the local hospital but also helps at the Parks department occasionally. Ann is pretty much Leslie’s best friend.


Chris Traeger

Chris is literally the most positive person. But also gives too much information away for those personal things! He also says ‘literally’ a lot. Chris can get the job done when he is told.


Jerry Gergich 

Jerry is the oldest of the Parks dept members. He’s very patient, hard working and loyal however his colleagues always make fun of him for everything he does. He has the best ideas but they never get chosen because it’s Jerry, and no one listens to him!


Tom Haverford 

Tom loves to make new businesses. He first started out with Entertainment720 which is basically a room with things to do, very expensive things like giving away free iPads like hot cakes. That failed because he lost so much money so he decided to move on to making a clothing store, then a restaurant. Tom is very loveable, humorous and kind. His business partner is Jean Ralphio who is very much the same as him, only a little more crazier. 


Ron Swanson

Ron works at the Parks dept but ironically, hates the Government so much. He is very much a realist and loves doing woodwork or using tools to fix things up. Did I forget to mention, he loves his meat! Ron eating a banana is a no go zone..


Donna Meagle

Donna is like the peacemaker of the group. As much as she likes making fun of Jerry she will always like everyone equally. Tom and Donna also have a thing called ‘Treat yo self’ which they treat themselves in Beverly Hills for one day a year, buying anything they want. 



Those are the main characters of Parks and Recreation! Anyone you like the sound of? Anyone that seems most like you? Comment below!


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