Story Unfinished?

by , Friday March 10, 2017
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Story Unfinished?

Story Unfininished

"Hm, how do i put this?"

Hello, to all who have followed me on movellas! I'm very happy to see all of you! 

Now, i realize that i haven't been working on my story Tennis Courts. And yes, it has been a while since i stopped working on it.

Reason why:

I have been dealing with so much in my life, I do have depression and my mother is considering me seeing a therapist, and further taking medications, which i don't even want to do.

Annd also because my Chromebook was taken away for some time, so that really took a lot of time to get it back!


My Stories:

Well, i do have a lot of stories i have planned but i try to do them one at a time.

I know you've seen my story Dark Lords, even though i hardly wrote in the story (O///O;) I feel so ashamed.

But anyways i really do hope that i can get back to my stories! :)


Upcoming Business:

I do have a few stories that are coming into sight soon! Here are a list of them:

"Lost in sweeden"

"Back to the Past"

" A mysterious case of what"

And last but not least, DRUMROLL PLEASE! *Tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatadum*

"Lost on an island"

I really Hope that i can get these stories in as soon as possible! (^:


Well, i'm not gonna keep you guys here forever, i'm pretty sure that you have other important things to do than listen to me babble and babble all day!

But in the meantime, i'll see you guys soon!


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