Winners of the Oneshot Competition!

by , Wednesday March 15, 2017
Winners of the Oneshot Competition!

Winners of the Oneshot Writing Competition

All of your amazing entries were read - we hope you're ready to hear about the winners!



The challenge of this competition was to write a good oneshot...and what is a "oneshot," you may ask? This is basically a story between 100 - 10,000 words on the subject of your choice, one chapter in length, and from the POV of a single character. While this may seem like a relatively straightforward task and maybe all the easier on account of the story length, you'd be surprised how much work and excellent narration is required in writing a good oneshot. While there was some dabbling in cover-making, the majority of entries were oneshots and great examples of how shorter stories can be just as gripping as the long ones :)


Winners will receive papellas of the story of their choice and other prizes chosen by the Movellas Team. We hope you all enjoyed having this competition - thank you again to those who took part, you can only imagine the difficulty we faced in selecting the winners below...




Best Oneshot Story

State of Disgrace by hannahdaptor




Best Oneshot Fanfic

Finding Remus by ShadowMaven




Best Cover

This Town by Beautifully Music Nerd




Also, here are two worthy mentions from this competition, both amazing stories from a narration perspective, and each dealing with different genres from realism to horror.

Am I Alone? by W.E.



13 Days & Counting by Smudged Bandit





The winners will be contacted by email.

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