The Odd One Out

by , Thursday March 9, 2017
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The Odd One Out

The Odd One Out


Once upon a time

Deep in the woods of the red leaves

There lived a kingdom of elves

And in that kingdom there lived… a dwarf


The dwarf was always discluded from the parties and was gawked at in school.

One day the young elven prince Thalanir was walking along until he noticed the young dwarf getting beat up by a group of elves. The prince walked up and tried to stop them. They stopped beating the dwarf and they turned their attention to the prince. The group started beating on the Elven Prince whilst the dwarf watched in confusion and relief. After the Elves were done they walked off laughing. The dwarf ran up to the prince to see if he was okay. The prince was unconscious . The dwarf quickly picked the prince up with his dwarven strength and carried the prince to the Elven Castle. When the dwarf ran into the throne room the king and queen gasped in horror. “SEIZE HIM!” ordered the King. The guards grabbed the dwarf and dragged him into the dungeon. A few days later after being caught the dwarf was crucified in front of the elves. Usually in the kingdom it was a joyous thing when the criminals were killed but this time nobody laughed. In fact, some elves started crying. They kept weeping until the crowd started to cry.  When the prince heard all the crying from his room in the castle he ran to the middle of town where the crucifixion was taking place. He looked at the wry scene in shock. He quickly explained the real story to the people which just seemed to make them weep louder. The people kept crying until the sky started weeping too. Day and night went by and the crying never stopped. Soon the gods got annoyed by the crying. The king of the gods Gulu sent Juro and Kurum the funeral gods down from the heavens. The gods heard the story and thought up a plan. They would resurrect the dwarf! The gods took the body to the underworld and found the Dwarf’s soul. They merged the soul and body together and brought him back up. The elves were happy, especially the prince. They threw a grand feast and invited the gods. Soon the biggest party ever known to exist in that dimension was born. And the Prince and the Dwarf became the best of friends. The End


Story and idea by Precise Onion

I own this do not copy


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