Book Review of Sarah Dessen's Dreamland

by , Thursday March 9, 2017
Book Review of Sarah Dessen's Dreamland

Book Review of Sarah Dessen's Dreamland

A great novel read & reviewed by Kierstinnn



“I couldn't tell her. I couldn't tell anyone. As long as I didn't say it aloud, it wasn't real.” 



Some stories make you blush and wish you were in love. Some stories make your heart beat fast in anticipation, wondering what’s going to happen next. Some stories absolutely break your heart.


Sarah Dessen’s Dreamland falls into the last category. When I picked up the novel, I had expected another romance that made me itch for something new and exciting in my own love life. At first, that’s exactly what I got. But this novel is so much more than a love story.


The story follows Caitlin, whose sister runs away with her boyfriend to avoid going to Yale. Caitlin is tired of being overshadowed by her sister, so she finds herself in the arms of Rogerson, the only person who sees her as someone separate from her sister.


Dessen always manages to create real characters who are captivating, and I managed to read the book in one sitting (I was sick in bed, so this is okay to me). Dreamland goes farther into serious topics than any other of Dessen’s novels, which is one of the many reasons to read this novel.


The biggest reason, however, is part three of the novel, called Me (parts one and two are called Cass and Rogerson, respectively). While most authors reach for a happily ever after ending, Dessen allows the exit of this novel to be real, and allows Caitlin to feel like a real person, with real feelings.



       5/5 stars



Thank you to Kierstinnn for writing this review 

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