Our Latest Release: Two New Features!

by , Saturday March 4, 2017
Our Latest Release: Two New Features!

Our Latest Release and Two New Features

Read more about how to move your chapters around as well as searching blogs and competitions!



We’re always working to improve Movellas and right now we're super excited to tell you about two new features that have been implemented in our latest release! We hope that you find these new features useful and also that you'll all let us know about it one way or another.



New Feature #1: Moving/Re-ordering chapters in your stories


You have been asking for this for years now and we're finally happy to present this feature. It is now possible to move your chapters around in the stories you're writing. This has been one of our highest priorities and so we're so happy to finally tell you about it.


When editing your movella, press “Expand” and there are now “Move Up” and/or “Move Down” arrow icons at the top and bottom of chapters. Clicking on these icons moves your chapter up or down a level. If you want a chapter to go from place 13 to 5, you just keep pressing “Move up” until it’s in the right position. A popup will appear every time you press either the “Move up” or “Move down” options to confirm, and once you approve of the change, it will load again with the re-ordered chapter(s).


New Feature #2: Searching all blogs and competitions 

Up until now, it has been possible to search for “Movellas,” “People,” “Groups,” and “Forums.” Now we have added a new category you will all be able to search Movellas for - and that's “Blogs & Competitions.” 


It is just one category, but now you can search for every Battle of the Fandoms competition there ever was, not to mentioned that blog you helped write for Movellas a while back ;) When you press search, the results will be numbered at the top and appear similarly to when you search movellas, with tabs that separate and organize competitions from user blogs and posts on the Movellas blog. Not only does this make it much easier to find things, now you can navigate around the site and be able to find what you're looking for more efficiently too.



Anyway, the release is already live so you can find these things up and running on Movellas right now! We hope you like the new features. Please remember to always tell us, as always, if you have ideas for improvements like these.


The Movellas Team

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