Super Writers Challenge - Famous Last Words!

Super Writers Challenge - Famous Last Words

Hone your own writing skills while sizing up to our latest challenge!


The Super Writer Ambassadors hope you enjoyed the first challenge posted on the Movellas blog in December. They have created yet another challenge to get your brain juices flowing!


This challenge will run as follows: You pick a book, any book. Your favourite book perhaps?


Find the last line of the last chapter (or epilogue) and use that as the starting sentence of your new movella. Your story can be anything flowing on from that sentence, so it does not have to relate to the original book! Remember to add what book you got the sentence from in the movella (just to give everyone an idea!)

Once you've finished your movella, post the link to it in the comments below and the Super Writer's will give you some well-deserved feedback to your creation :)


We hope that you have fun writing! Any questions? Comment those below too.

This challenge will go on for over a month and will end Friday, April 7th.



Thanks to spongebobninja☕️ and the Super Writer Ambassadors for coming up with this challenge...

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