The Day Daddy and I Met

by , Monday February 27, 2017
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The Day Daddy and I Met

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I don't know anything about you but i want to!

Chapter One


I swung open the door to the cafe pissed about what had happened at school. I shook off my coat and reached for my apron as i made my way over to the counter where there were two young men waiting for their coffee. The blonde one turned to a gentlemen i felt i had already knew and punched him on the shoulder. I could tell he was very fustrated about waiting for his coffee and no less pissed then i was. I swung around to the coffee pot pouring it into two mugs and turned to face them. The blonde muttered "Damn It Adym" and I knew. I handed Adym the two cups and started to cry,and Adym looked up and wiped my tears. He turned to walk toward one of the small tables by the fire place the younger looking boy with blonde hair and a white hat following. I hopped onto the counter and burried my face into my palms. Adym came over with a sweet expression on his face "Long day" he asked as i was wiping away my tears and i nodded. Thats when it clicked Adym was a famous youtuber! I guess i was too pissed to realize ... he was the one I had fallen in love with over the last couple months. I looked up and mumbled "what would someone like you want with a girl like me" he let out a quiet laugh and said "I don't know anything about but I want to!" I picked up my head as he was hopping onto the counter. "Here give me your number I want to take you out" I was pretty sure i've seen Adym around the cafe a lot but I've never thought he would talk t me anymore then ordering his favorite coffee. We exanged numbers and he grabbed my hand as he hopped off the counter nd went to get the blonde one. He kissed me before walking out the door and yelled "I'll text you later I promise!

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