No Need for a Title [Writing Notes]

by , Saturday February 25, 2017

What's this? What's this blog entry about? If you have somehow stumbled onto this entry, you'll soon discover it's not an actually for my blog. I'm just using this space for my writing notes — lines that've popped into my head, character names, loose-leaf ideas, you get it. 

With a priest's solemnity. 

A gummy smile. 

The taste was harsh, flat, and one-dimensional. 
It left a metallic ghost to haunt the panicked buds of my tongue.

They furrowed their brows and made sucking noises with their tongues against their teeth. 

A full-bodied flavor like burnt sugar or soy sauce. 

She mimed spooning food from a pretend-bowl in her palm. 

"By the way," she said as if we were in the middle of a conversation.

I suppose my silence only encouraged more speculation.

My throat tightened.
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