Hidden Figures - Movie Review

Hidden Figures - An untold story of three African-American women who go beyond expectations.


Here is a blog on a film I recently watched - Hidden Figures...


Hidden Figures is a movie about 3 African-American women, Katherine Mary and Dorothy who all are extremely smart. They all worked at NASA and had a huge role in sending John Glenn (First American to orbirt Earth circling 3 times) to space. However their road to their huge role wasn't easy. There was a lot of segragation and racism so it was hard for them to get their position. 


My favourite scene would probably be when Katherine let out her fury about how everything has 'coloured' and 'white' labels. In order for Katherine to go to the bathtroom she had to go to another block, which was quite a walk away from where she worked because there was no 'coloured' bathrooms in her block. It is pretty heartbreaking to know this sort of stuff happend and how everything had to be separated into 'coloured' and 'white' just so people could get their way. Al Harrison, the leader, peeled off the 'coloured' label on the coffee pot and also smashed down the 'coloured' sign on the toilets. This was a very touching point in the film because it showed Al accepted anyone no matter what colour they are, because they all had to work together to send John to space. 

I highly recommend this movie, for anyone to watch. It is absolutely amazing and extremely heart touching. Watching this, knowing that it is all true leaves me distraught even with that thought because no one, I mean no one, no matter what colour you are, deserves to be treated differently from everyone else. 


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