Movellys 2016 Winners!

by , Friday February 24, 2017
Movellys 2016 Winners!

Winners of Movellys 2016

See who won in the epic awards ceremony here on Movellas!



We know there's been some waiting in the process that's a part of gathering your nominations as well as the flurry of final voting that determined our winners. After all this, we're excited to reveal just who's been named among our Movellys winners, and we won't even mention the very sleek and stylish Movellas trophies that may be accruing with our talented winners from previous years :)


You all nominated many amazing movellians, and your comments have been a wonderful look at why the reading and writing community here is such a great place to be. Movellys is more than just winning of course, it's more a gesture of recognition and appreciation for all the writing & reading our users do on Movellas.


Thank you to everyone who got involved in Movellys 2016! Your commitment and hard work are a big part of what makes these awards so meaningful but also fun for the rest of us to see and experience.  


We've simplified it this year and in lieu of making a long-winded video not nearly as exciting or as suspenseful as the Oscars, we hereby present below our Movellys winners! 


Here are all the winners you voted for, as well as which movellians/stories received 2nd and 3rd in all seven categories. And the winners are...



Fanfiction Author of the Year
Winner: Beautifully Music Nerd

2nd place: Mirlotta

3rd place: Oh Hipsta Please



Author of the Year (not fanfiction)


2nd placew0lverine
3rd placeLady Panda




Fanfiction Movella of the Year

Winner"Final Sacrifice" by w0lverine

2nd place"A Scandal in Movellia" by Cāngkù Shísān
3rd place"Saving a Prince" by Beautifully Music Nerd




Movella of the Year (not fanfiction)
Winner: "Fire" by w0lverine

2nd place: "Lost to the Flames"
 by Le Fox
3rd place: "Bump in the Night" by BadassJem




Poem of the Year

Winner: "She is a Missile" by Mercury Chap

2nd place: "Girl" by Mirlotta
3rd place: "Revolution" by H A N N A H




Movellist of the Year

WinnerVictoria Raven

2nd place: Lady Panda
3rd placeCarolClifford




Cover of the Year

Winner: "Amethyst" by Squonk of the Nightshade

2nd place: "Pollux & Ben" by River_Summers
3rd place: "Messed Up" by IAmYourNemesis


The Movellas Team also chose 3 winners that we want to recognize and award now because they are movellians we would be sad without and who we're always excited to read more of.



Ambassador of the Year

We <3 this ambassador who's been full of tangible steps, ceaseless drive, and all around enthusiasm.





2016's Shooting Star

This movellian joined last year but we're already looking forward to seeing and reading more of them.

Runaway Lauren




Movellas' Honorary Award

This particular movellian's talent, character, and presence on Movellas is something special and we'd like to acknowledge and appreciate that.

Lady Panda



Congratulations to all of our winners!


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