A Lad Insane

by , Thursday February 23, 2017
A Lad Insane

An introduction to me

So here I am. I have created a movellas page. I heard about it from an ex, who had a boyfriend on here and when she was with me we decided to stalk his account (he'd gone, sadly, and now so has she).

But I'm here, with intent to write. For my AS level exams I have in May I will use this site to publish guides to them, so I can both revise and help people (if you're doing the same exam board as me). I also intend to publish lyrics, inspired by my two favourite artists (David Bowie and Green Day. Yes, I know, very different from each other). I also will write stories when I come up with a plot good enough for me to want to write it.

Looking around, I see a lot of people with massive amounts of followers. I'm not looking to be greatly popular. I'm looking to have a nice little group of friends that read my work, enjoy my work and want to chat to me about it. I will give people feedback myself, but I'm a very lazy human so it will take me time. I prefer to sleep, talk to my friends or practice guitar.

Music is a big part of my life. I typically like rock, but I occasionally listen to some weird things (such as the fact that right now I'm listening to David Duchovny's album).

I'm English, I'm 17 and I live near a city known as Sheffield.

I hope I can edit this at a later date, as I can't think of anything interesting right now.


So, here I am. Let's go!

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