The Next Snapchat Takeover!

by , Wednesday February 22, 2017
The Next Snapchat Takeover!

It's Time for a Snapchat Takeover

This week our Snapchat account movellasstories will be taken over...and for almost all of next week!


We're still amid Winter and things are already picking up in 2017. We've been working on a ton of things at Movellas for the new year, and we think that another Snapchat Takeover is in order. One of our goals is to post great Movellas-related things on social media, and you movellians are a whole lot better at sharing when it comes to reading & writing so we're always on the lookout for insight and inspiration. Starting from the beginning of next week, we will have one of our own taking over the Movellas Snapchat account!


We've only had one #movellastakeover on Snapchat before, and that's more than enough reason to have another for the start of March. Keep in mind that most of the activity on this takeover will be taking place on our Snapchat account, movellasstories. We choose a user to takeover the account for a few days, and what the user chooses to snap is up to them.


What "the takeover" entails...


There will be 1 to 5 snaps every day during the takeover. Some of these images will involve books, reading, etc. but it's also about how the user finds inspiration for their writing so we're alright with other insight into what's going on in their world.


The takeover this Monday, February 27 - Saturday, March 4th 2017

We're often searching for ways to expand our universe in letting users become an even bigger part of Movellas. Now we're ready to introduce the second movellas takeover on Snapchat! Starting this coming Monday, Kierstinnn will be taking over our Movellas Snapchat account. We don't really know what will be snapped, so we'll see more once the takeover begins.






Rules for the Takeover

To participate in the Movellas takeover in the near future, you will need your own Snapchat account so that the week of this event you will be able to follow us at movellasstories. You are welcome to talk about the Movellas takeover on Snapchat or your own Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

  • Remember that you must make approximately 3 - 5 snaps a day during the takeover. 
  • The pictures you post as a part of this need to be appropriate. Just follow the rule that if your parents came across it, would it still be as awesome of a snap?
  • We realize that it's your life & your "angle of the world" so it's nice if the snaps are related to books & writing inspiration, but it's not required. It can be difficult to get ALL your snaps to deal with those things and so we understand, but PLEASE do not post a deluge of food pictures.

Again, it is your life we're interested in and your personal touch we all want to see on the next Movellas takeover.


We're looking forward to the takeover! Check it out on Snapchat :)


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