Barter Books: The Book Lovers Heaven

Today I was lucky enough to visit the area you see above...

...and I couldn't restrain myself from buying some more books. 

Barter Books is a second hand bookstore, located in Alnwick, UK, that was converted from an old train station. It features every book you could imagine, old and new, that are at least 50% of the normal asking price. The walls and plaques around the place feature fantastic quotes from poetry, while a toy train set rides around the tops of many book shelves. Dogs are also allowed, so you can pick a book, sit in an array of comfy chairs by a log fire or table and enjoy your day. 

I could spend all day in there if I could. I would even move up there just to get to go there everyday if possible. 

It's hard to resist the calling temptation of buying books when in such a place. I didn't even try to resist to be honest. I walked away with two books that I wouldn't normally buy, because I randomly picked them off of the shelves to be adventurous, by spending the amount of money I usually would spend when buying just one. Those books were The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer and The Parrots by Filippo Bologna. The former book is about a philosopher turned bank robber, the latter about three men battling to win a prestigious literary prize. 

My to be read pile is already sky high but hey, towers are normally awarded on how high they are. 

This is only the second time I have visited this heaven, but I will certainly be a returning customer, and I haven't tried their cafe yet... I would easily recommend anyone to go there if they can, although I think its exclusive to Britain which is a bit of a downer. Everyone should get to experience this heaven and feel at peace there. You'll never know, maybe you'll be inspired to write something great, while reading something great. 

What are you reading heavens? 


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