The Key to Writing Competitions

by , Tuesday February 21, 2017
The Key to Writing Competitions

The Key to Writing Competitions

A helpful blog full of writing tips by w0lverine



Writing competitions are not only a lot of fun but can help inspire ideas and creativity. Also, there are great prizes to be won and winning can draw positive attention to your story.



From titles to perspectives, here are 6 tips to help you write your best and win writing competitions in doing so!


Tip 1: Most competitions here on Movellas have a theme which is vital to incorporate in your entry. Be creative and original with the theme!


Tip 2: Keep to the word limit and edit as you go along. If a sentence doesn’t add to your story, then delete it and move on. Sacrificing words that you love is hard, but keeping to the word limit is more important.


Tip 3: Whatever you are writing, the title and cover is the reader’s first impression of your work. Spend time thinking of something relevant to the story and creating something that is both eye-catching and appealing.


Tip 4: Short stories work best from a single point of view. Don’t confuse the judges or yourself with swapping and changing POVs. Multi-chapter stories are a different matter.


Tip 5: Beware of clichés. It’s all been done before, so try and think of something more original. You need to write something different in order to stand out and to have a memorable entry.


Tip 6: At the end of the day, be yourself and be true to your writing style. Write what you love and love what you write - it’s as simple as that!


Writing competitions are a great way to express yourself and get recognition for your skills and creativity. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired and writing, as quick as you can :)



Thank you to w0lverine for writing this blog post as well as designing the banner

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