The Most Fandom Merch I Own

by , Monday February 20, 2017
The Most Fandom Merch I Own

Which is obviously Harry Potter merch...

Merchandise symbolises the great love of a fandom and by god I have a lot of love to give. 

In the banner above you can see a snapshot of the Harry Potter merchandise that I own and here comes the full list of it: 

- A Ravenclaw Scarf

- A time turner necklace 

- A deathly hallows necklace

- The Elder Wand

- A Helga Hufflepuff Chocolate frog card (when I once ate the solid chocolate frog that I bought at the Harry Potter studios) 

- Four wand necklaces (Voldermort's, the Elder Wand, Hermione's wand and Harry's Wand) 

- A snitch necklace

- The Goblet of Fire necklace

- Ravenclaw's diadem necklace

- Platform 9 3/4 necklace

- A Ravenclaw house t-shirt

- Two sets of Harry Potter pajamas

- A Harry Potter christmas jumper

And by George that is a lot I've realised - 17 items. My love for Harry Potter did not just generate directly from childhood like you'd often hear from others; mine was more of a slower, indirect love. I didn't read the Harry Potter books until well after they had come out, and it was only after viewing the love that my brother and sister shared that I finally picked them up and delved into the story. But by god I wish now that I would have read them earlier. I famously recount my moans of pain after finishing Deathly Hallows in my conservatory on a Sunday evening, and where I sat gloomy through my Sunday dinner that day. The tales of bravery and friendship depicted in Harry Potter was enough to get me through the darkest days of my teenage years and make friendships of my own. 

Having merchandise is a symbol of love and care dedicated to a particular fandom, a silent wish to actually possess the items that we have (actually having the Elder wand would be awesome). They remind us everyday why we fell into our fandom and why we would never want to leave. By being a proud Ravenclaw, I can somewhat consider the fact that each piece is like an individual horcrux, proving that our love is eternal. That isn't too dramatic is it? 

The other merch that I possess are as follows: 

- The Shadowhunter perfume 

- The funko pops of Captain America and Arrow

- The statue of Deadpool

- The t-shirts of Supernatural, Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange

- The mini sliders of Thor and Deadpool. 

I am definitely honoured to split my soul between so many fandoms, maybe that's why I'm a little crazy in real life. But I wouldn't change it for any other life out there. 

Hogwarts will always be my home. 


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