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by , Sunday February 19, 2017
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Topic: How do you feel about Black History month becoming less and less relevant overtime in most public/private schools and universities? - Nicholas L.

With this generation, i do feel as if the importance of Black History Month has changed. However, with the teachings of public/Private schools overtime, things do change and the perspective of the way it should be brought out tend to shift. I don't think it's right because if you notice, every year the textbooks have different stories of so called "history" added to them, this changes how the students are taught and this also brings out lots of arguments. It's no longer about cherishing African American history and the way it changed things... it's now turning out to be more about the history and what color the sky is.. make sense???? This world, in my opinion overall... is changing and it's not in a positive way. Nicholas L gave some pretty high points.. he's right about the focus shifting. I agree 100%, nothing is the same anymore and unfortunately... we're going to have to force ourselves to adapt to it...


Everyday i'll be doing topic of the day, feel free to share your opinion on this and hey, maybe you could have a topic that can be discussed - Take Care <3

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