Super Writers Challenge - Stories in Motion

by , Thursday February 16, 2017
Super Writers Challenge - Stories in Motion

Super Writers Challenge - Stories in Motion

Get your GIF hats on, because this is a GIF-writing prompt challenge!


The Super Writer Ambassadors have been putting their ideas together to come up with a series of challenges for you! This one in particular, is a GIF challenge! A gif challenge? What on earth would that be, you ask?

It is pretty simple; there are two GIFs for you to choose from. Once you choose one, you are to use that as a writing prompt in the story you create. You can use this prompt in any way you wish: in the first line of the story, somewhere in the middle, or even the last line! It is up to you to decide!

This challenge will go on for 1 week so from next Friday, February 24th you can expect to see some feedback :)

GIF Option 1: 



GIF Option 2


So get writing! Let your imagination go wild! We are excited to see the ideas you come up with! Post your the link to the movella in the comments below and each story submitted will receive feedback from us!

Wondering how to take part? Writers should use either one of these prompts in whatever they're writing. Just comment your story for this challenge below...


Thank you to spongebobninja☕️ and the Super Writer Ambassadors for coming up with this awesome challenge :)

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