~ About me~

by , Wednesday February 15, 2017
~ About me~

Me, Come Read!!!


Hi, my name is Ava Mari Colleen. I'm 18. 

I often tell people I'm in my 20s but I'm not. (Clearly) 

I have 2 younger sisters who are 10 and 12. Their names are Sofia and Scarlett. 

I also have an older sister who is 20. Her name is Amy. 

I also have 2 younger brothers 1 is 3mouths and the other is a classified age lol he dosent want me to tell.

I have a boyfriend who is now in college and we have a long distance relationship. But we make it work. I'm working on trying to go to the same college or a college by his. But I know our relationship won't last very long. 

I love writing, it makes me happy and it's also my guilty pleasure. Lol. 

My parents are divorced, but it's not that bad because I get two of everything. Like to Christmases and two brithdays. 

Wanna know more about me or do you want me to stop writing this blog from here. Comment below please. :/ 

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