Favorite Romance Movellas

by , Tuesday February 14, 2017
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Favorite Romance Movellas

My Top Ten Favorite Romance Movellas

In the spirit of love, I've obsessively searched through my favorites list on Movellas, and chosen ten stories that I think deserve a special shout-out for telling a gripping romance story. Some of them are fan ficitons, some are original stories, and one may be mine. If it's self-promoting, it's shameless, I promise.

10. http://www.movellas.com/story/201208032044080916-look-before-you-fall

This is the first story that I ever favorited on Movellas. After re-reading it, I realized why. It's a great Harry Styles/Liam Payne fan fiction.

9. http://www.movellas.com/story/201407281110424936-the-third-wheel

This story may also be the 'Story of the Month', but I read it forever ago, and I promise that it's worth the read.

8. http://www.movellas.com/story/201506270729046556-starry-eyed

If you're looking for a really well-written 5SOS fan fiction, go to @Msgafterparty's page. This is my personal favorite of all of the stories that she has written. 

7. http://www.movellas.com/story/201503061907089735-the-painted-secrets-of-carmelita-hawthorn

Techincally, this is a realism movella, but there are some snippets of a romance happening. It's really well-written.

6. http://www.movellas.com/story/201507140218351997-blackout

Another very well written 5SOS fan fiction. It's the first in a series of three, and I promise it's worth reading.

5. http://www.movellas.com/story/201307242019379881-a-tea-filled-summer

Here's the shameless self-promotion. This is my favorite of all of my stories, and it'd be cool if you read it.

4. http://www.movellas.com/story/201301141446023005-scoundrels-one-direction-fanfic

I'm almost fairly certain that this One Direction fan fiction will never be finished, as it hasn't been updated in ages, but what is here will leave you wanting to read more.

3. http://www.movellas.com/story/201508302114523402-hurdles

Shamelessly going to promote my best friend on here, @Katy Erin. Seriously, she's a fantastic romance writer and has so many fantastic stories.

2. http://www.movellas.com/story/201407200503222661-youth-a-1d-fanfiction

Here it is: my favorite fan fiction on this whole website. Sakura is an amazing author, and this is the one time she wrote a fanfiction (One Direction, no less) and it surprised me so much. 

1. http://www.movellas.com/story/201411232108228984-rich

And, finally, my favorite romance story on the site. It is, again, by Katy Erin, who never ceases to amaze me with her writing, ideas, or anything else. She's great, and so is this story.


I hope you all feel the love in the air today. And, if you don't, take a gander at some of these Movellas, and I know that you will. This is my first blog so I have no idea if the stories will show up as just the links or the way that they do in comments, but I hope that you can click on them. 

What is your favorite romance story on Movellas? 

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