Writing Comments

by , Sunday February 12, 2017
Writing Comments

Love The Comments

When ever you get that late night text ;3

So just today I had received a comment on my story, (http://www.movellas.com/story/201701090132033809-the-school-phantom), The School Phantom. It was by samantharahman34. I was so happy when she commented on my story because I don't received any at all. Probably because my stories aren't that interesting or people just want to read and not comment. (I do that myself too) ((Read and not comment)) (((sorry)))

Other than that though, I encourage you all to write comments because, as you can read, It makes people very happy to get feedback or even thoughts on the story. Anything at all is encouraged EXCEPT for hate. I discourage hate and will not tolerate it. It is awful enough for a person to be afraid to step outside of their house, or even write, or do anything they want do due to the hateful and spiteful commmetns they receive.

Samantharahman34, THANK YOU, for reading and commenting on my story. I hope that this will make your night/day (Where ever you are) and you, as well as others, do the same. Encourage the help and positivity while stopping the hate. Opinions are good, but hate is unsufferable.

Thank you all and please continue to read my stories or blogs when they come! -RuSavage

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