Good vibes pt.2

by , Saturday February 11, 2017
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Positivity Is Real!!

​You Know What?...

I have my days where i'm not happy and i feel as if everything should be put to a stop. But, there's also days where i feel the complete opposite. Normally, i wouldn't accept that because i expect to be happy and satisfied all day everyday! Who wouldn't?? I'm not saying that's wrong.. there's really no wrong or right when it comes to dealing with your emotions on a day to day basis. Maaybe there's a possible solution to get into the both though.. make sense?? I've learned how to become cotent and satsified with myself NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances are, I am ME. I'm not changing because for what?? Why would i need to change.. matter of fact, WHO would i be changing for ?? If you can't accept this handful then BYE!! lol

Positivity is keeyyyyy REMEMBER DAT! Good night <3

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