I should be doing Psychology...

by , Wednesday February 8, 2017

At school...

I should be doing what I'm supposed to be doing... which is Psychology.

Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening and whatnot~

So as the statement above has said yes, I am in fact at school at this very moment, publishing the second chapter to my story already -which was a bit lagged I will admit- but hey, I got it out now~

As well, instead of publishing stories I should be doing my actual class... but hey, apparently someone likes the story I publish so I gotta give them what they want~

Anywho, let's add more things here. First off, my name isn't Tuesday -though I wish it was- nor will I be telling you my real name for that matter~ I can be called either Tuesday or Philip in this case I do not mind at all. Though, I do use they/them pronouns so finding out if i'm male or female sha'll be a wonderful challenge~ 


Alrighty, I just wnated to start this and merely talk to this wonderful website, so wihtout further adieu i sha'll leave you to do what you wish, and get back to doing psychology class~ (Where i learn about disorders of the brain~ I get to bloody diagnose myself here XD)) 


Chow for now~

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