My songwriting-story

by , Wednesday February 8, 2017
My songwriting-story

A bit about songwriting and how I work

I started writing songs when I was quite young or at least I tried to write songs. I remember that I found it very hard to write anything I was happy about or pleased with. So I wrote a lot that I threw out... but when I was about 19 years old I finished my first song, you know, for real. I made some pianoplay for the song too. It was written in Danish, but I have always wished to write songs in English. Mostly because I found English very beautiful and somehow very suitable for the style I wanted to write in. 

But my very first song that I wrote was in Danish, which is my first language.
After my first song that I wrote, I then wrote a lot of small pieces and made a few small melodies, but nothing serious. It was first when I was 21 years old I could write a new song... this time in English. 
I remember how it came to me while I was half asleep. I dreamed that I was singing and when I woke up I could write down the first verse of my song 'Maiden'. Then I went to bed again... when I woke up in the morning the rest of the song just came to me... it was kinda surreal. Even the melody was there. 'Maiden' was the song that really got me started on writing again.

Since that night, it has been a bit more easy for me to write songs. I think that I have kinda found my style, but I also know that many find my lyrics weird, boring or even badly written. But I believe that it's okay to disagree... because music and lyrics is a matter of taste. And I feel that I can free my heart and mind with those lyrics I've been writing. 

I have been playing music since I was 7 years old. And I first began to write songs for real at the age of 21. What I'm trying to say with that is- don't give up. It might take a lot of time and work to finish some songs... and it's so hard to be pleased with the first songs you'll write. Just keep on trying!

What I like to do is that I like to write down my ideas for songs to write. I also like to write small lines that comes up in my head and that might be useful in a verse or chorus to a song. I usually work with the lyrics first and then I sing some melody to the lyrics. If the words doesn't fit the melody I can change it. After that I find the chords on my keyboard and then I can work out from that. I play both guitar and keyboard... and I started on cello-classes a month ago. Cello have always been the instrument I really wanted to learn. Finally I have the time and money to go to classes. 

I also find a lot of inspiration from my favorite artists, from nature, from history and such. I will begin to make blogs about my inspirations.
But I hope that you find this useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Lady Elflock

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