Vote for the Winners of Movellys 2016!

by , Friday February 10, 2017
Vote for the Winners of Movellys 2016!

Vote for the Winners of Movellys 2016

You've all nominated your top picks - now it's time to choose the winners of Movellys!


Alright everyone, we have officially reached the second round of Movellys 2016. To get here we've read, noted, and counted all of your nominations so we'd like to begin this by thanking everyone who took part by commenting their top picks for this year's Movellys! What was just as interesting and helpful to read were all the positive things you had to say and the excellent reasons you've given for the movellians nominated.


To get right to it, we've reviewed all of the nominations made and have the top candidates in each category below. Now is the time where you must all vote for your absolute favorite! Remember that you can only vote once in each category, and you have only one week to do it - so make your choices known until the deadline next Friday, February 17 before midnight!


You do this by selecting your top choice in each category below and then clicking 'Vote' :)










Thank you again for participating - and look for the winners announcement on the blog the last week of February!

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