Good vibes

by , Tuesday February 7, 2017
 Good vibes

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Everything happens for a reason..

Lately, i've been back tracked, which isn't like me. You get older and start to realize how much change you go throigh without even noticing. Some are good changes though, i've formed some really good habits. Throughout the years (and i'm talking about the year i have started this page till now), i gained friends also lost them, got into relationships.. less of a blessing and more of a lesson." You live and you learn", that's exactly what i did. You see, i have grown to be the type of person to just let the univese do what it needs to do, sometimes when you overhtink things.. not everything turns out the way you think it will. Let me tell you, doing that was the best thing i ever did. I'm more happy, with myself and my life.. i was never like that. Getting just a small taste of actual happiness scared me at first because i'm so used to things ruining that for me. It didn't this time and i'm so grateful.


Well, i'm gonna just end this on a positive note. "Think positive even when the storm hits... " (that was corny but yeah lol, I'll be more active this time, i don't know why i abandoned this in the first place)

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