Who in the heck am I? Day 1

Now, what is so special about me that I would bother to tell you?

There is not really anything that special about me.

Here are my likes:

  • Horseback riding- that includes showing them
  • Writing of course
  • Cliff diving
  • Bridge diving-okay yeah I like dangerous things
  • Cross stitching
  • sewing
  • hanging out with my girls (and guys too)
  • loving my pets
  • and just being an all out loveable person (I do have to admit that I am a dumbass so if I offend you tell me and I will apologize.)
  • Love answering questions that are about me (I'm not full of myself)

My dislikes are:

  • annoying people
  • pictures of me- that is why there is no picture of me anywhere
  • rude people (I try not to be)
  • people that being mean to me or my friends
  • Tapping on tables
  • homophobes
  • gross things
  • my food touching
  • dirty clothes
  • and last but not least gross noises.

Hope you enjoyed those lists.

Now here are some facts about me:

Where I was born: Santiago, Chile

Places where I've lived: Texas and California

States I've visited: 48 states, I have not been to Alaska or Washington

Countries I've been to: All over Europe-took a tour

How many pets: 5 dogs, 3 birds, 5 ferrets, 3 cats, 2 fish, 2 hamster, and 39 horses

My dream job: Makeup artist

Things I am good at: (again not full of myself) Everything (at least everything I've tried)

Favorite color: Black

Favorite food: Ice cream or chocolate cake

My birthday: 7-24

My Name: Sarena

My middle name(s): Michelle Marie


Sorry, it was long. Hope you enjoyed it!!!!

Comment if I left something out that you want to know.

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