by , Wednesday February 1, 2017

Lifes up and downs

Some days it's hard to pull your head off the pillow and do anything meaningful. Yesterday was a day in question when I feel I didn't come across as a person I wanted to be. I was irritable and annoying refusing to see others points of views. It isn't something I'm proud of, even though I was aware I was going against my own views. It was almost as if another voice was in my head, my Vader personality where it was only me that counts. I hate it when that happens, yes I used the word hate and you know how I don't like using that but as it's turned towards me, it's OK.

I guess being rational everything over the last few months has been getting to me. It's like a rollercoaster, for months last year I was feeling good, everything seemed to be heading in a good direction and then came the 'plane crash' of a December where instead of traveling to Malaysia and India I ended up back within these four walls. Since then it's been backwards and forwards dealing with infection. It's like I feel it will never end, that I'll never be out and living life again. To cap the day off I lost internet and all contact with the world

Today is better but still annoyed with myself for the way I was towards my family and my friend. They don't deserve the mood I was in. Hopefully the day will improve.

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