vampire daries

by , Tuesday January 31, 2017
vampire daries

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vampires/update about the show

The vampire Dairies season 8 as finally arrived and it is all up in the drama area and action. damon is heartbroken about elena and he is kinda losing it with a mermaid like creature name sibil and her sister. damon and ezao r now slaves for the two mermaid like creatures and they do what she wants them to do. kill people for reason and feed them to her in a pool of blood, where she is inside. she comes out of the pool of blood naked and wet and ready to kill. bonnie and caroline r trying to keep things together even if its hard. stephen is trying to save his brother damon. bascially elena is in that magical coma with bonnie. if bonnie dies she dies along with her. caroline's children r growing up fast and healthy with the help of araic which is the real dead of the children. If you dont remeber jo is the real mother who died last season. the two mermaid like creatures want the two children because they r pure and innocent. sibil is trying to get elena out of damon's mind and put her in his head instead plus into his memerios. but more into the season stephn purpose to caroline and wants to marry her and keep the children safe but in order to do that stephan and damon had to give up their souls to this devil like creature and now they r are the slave and the two sisters r free. leaving caroline holding up on the wedding plans. now damon and stephan r on inslavementof the devil like creature and they been killing people. damon is trying to turn on his humanity switch and he does but now is trapped inside his head of guilt. he is remebering elena but its hard, oh before i forget damon has elena's locket that she used to wear.  it shows that he still loves her in some werid what way

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