Story of the Month for February!

by , Wednesday February 1, 2017
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Story of the Month for February!

Story of the Month for February!

Read a great short story that's a favourite among many of us



February is here and things are a'happening. Many new stories have been written, and countless more have been read - or in our case - reread because no one can resist a well-written, heartwrenchingly good story, no matter the genre. For those of you who haven't heard about the story we're about the recommend, we encourage you to read it because it's short, it's deep, and it tells a tale many of us can relate to, of love unrequited.


Back in October we asked you all to let us know what movellas you thought were among the best, favourites of yours worth reading, recommending to others, and being our Story of the Month. From this most excellent list emerged many amazing stories, and while we will ask again for more recent recommendations, there's nothing wrong in bringing the attention back to an older movella we all still remember and love to read


February's Story of the Month is somewhat of a romance, but the rest of the plot and the deeply beautiful emotions it conveys through the writing go beyond love and heartbreak. This story and the theme this month can be conjured up by thinking about one word: never. *Sad sighs* Never to tell, never to have, only to feel. Wondering what we mean? You will just have to read this short story to find out...




Story of the Month for February

The Third Wheel by Strontium



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