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But Bright Skies Ahead

Life is certainly unpredictable. It throws up hurdles across the path so any times but yet it makes it interesting at times. I make no bones that last week was a pig of a week. Monday I picked up a slight infection and by Tuesday I was back in this sterile environment. The days passed with not really knowing much or really wanting to participate. Things now seem to be back under control and my temperature is back to normal levels.It leaves you weak and unsure what to do. There is a certain relief that I've survived another hurdle even though at times it seems the hurdles are getting larger. I worry that one day the hurdle will trip me up sending me spinning into oblivion.

Anyway, what to say? Well, I had good news from Movellas. My story in the Christmas competition won a prize for the best romance story. yep you heard right romance story ;) Obviously better at writing about it than the real thing ;) I'm always pleased to be acknowledged for the stories I write, although maybe with only 15 entries I stood more of a chance. I really think people should enter writing competitions because it challenges people to do better. It makes you write something you might not always think of writing. It pushes you to achieve. There are loads of writing competitions on Movellas and the prizes are always amazing. Thanks to the staff at the website who run these competitions.

So what else do I come around to? Well Thursday was India Republic Day which I watched with interest. Then there was Trump. Well, I will write a post about liberty later, but I just wonder how someone could ride roughshod over the American constitution and profile people by their religion. To close your borders to those in need is the worse kind of Christianity or compassion. The rhetoric he uses makes me mad. He has a very narrow view of the world and doesn't think out the real issues. Every time a bomb falls on a village killing innocent citizens then people become radicalised against the west. Every time we turn our back on those in Syria fleeing oppression then it can be used to radicalise those who seek to turn people against others. It's an ever decreasing circle. And as for our PM inviting Trump to the UK, well Mrs May Do not invite him, NOT IN MY NAME.


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