I'm working on a movie! Yay!

by , Saturday January 28, 2017
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I'm working on a movie! Yay!


Heyyyyy everyone! I'm Emily, i am making a movie! Yes! (and a Book series)

I am already making the book! It is called The Heart Of Fire. If you like fantasy, romance, or action, please check it out! of course it isn't done yet tho. hope you all like the first chapter. By the way, The First chapter is a little dark, so sorry for that. But if you enjoyed it please let me know in the comments! Anyway, i love to do art! if you want to see some of my art. go to google and type in: Deviantart.com    

there you will go to the searchbar  and type in Emily183. hover your mouse over the images of art. if you see a little icon down on the left side of the image that says Emily183, click on the icon and it will take you to my profile. than you can see my art! and journal entries!

Have a great day!



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