Janken - Pon!

by , Friday January 27, 2017
 Janken - Pon!


Janken-pon! Aiko desho!

I have recently remembered on how to play the japanese version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. It is rather fun once you start, and addictive.

1) Both players start by saying "Saisho wa guu" (saishohagu 最初さいしょはぐう) or "Starting with rock," and holding out a closed fist.

2) Each says "janken pon!" and throw out their move, whether it's rock, paper, or scissors.

3) If there's a tie (both players choose the same move), both players say "Aiko desho!" (aiko 相子あいこ
相子), or "It seems like a tie!" and keep going in rapid-fire succession until somebody finally wins. But it doesn't stop there. There are tons of variants to janken, some more violent than others.

I love to play this game now and I've played it with my oka-san (mother) and onii-chan (little brother). I've won practically all of them. I Encourage You All To Play This Version Of The Game!

That's all. Thank you once again for reading this!

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