Weird things part 2

by , Friday January 27, 2017
 Weird things part 2

 High school Love Part 2


As most of us know High school is hard. The thing that makes it harder to deal with is love. The last blog I wrote about was how my best friend told my cruch that I liked him. So I freaked out because now I get told no boy is allowed to talk or help me in any of my classes. Which suck because Robby and I aren't dating! And the worst thing is that the boys who try to help me are all his friends and they start asking me about him and asking personal information about me. So I don't know if he is getting the information i give his friends or if they are just saving the information for later. The best thing is that they keep asking for my number or trying to give me his number. Like no if he wants me to have his number or if he wants my number then he can ask me himself. I would love to hear about how your Love in High school affected your high school experience. 



Love you guys! I'll love to hear your stories so leave a comment or just mumble your stories to me! See you guys latter. BYE!!!!!

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