Blog #2

by , Friday January 27, 2017
Blog #2

Old picture by the way kinda



So...there has been a lot going on lately. Depression is horrible as if nobody already knew that. Anyway, I was doing horribly since my birthday. Yes, most of it was caused by the Luke thing, but after I got over that, it was just stress and depression combined. Which makes me irratable and sad at the same time. Depending on who you are and what mood I'm in. But, the most recent thing has me stressed out, to the point that I actually teared up and wanted to cry. Now, naturally, I want to cry when I'm depressed, but I don't. I just, can't...which sucks because, I think that crying can sometimes help you release the pain. I don't know...I just kinda like crying sometimes (rarely) because it makes me tired and it puts me to sleep. Of course, being depressed makes me tired but crying kinda makes me go to sleep because I'm so worn out. But yeah...I don't even know, haha.Something has recently happened with my family and in result of it, I am stressed out and anxious. :/

On the good side though, my mom knows that I have social media and that I can text on my laptop. We have been texting and she seems okay with it. I can't get my hopes up, but she is seriously considering letting me have a phone. It won't have service because, I can't pay for a plan. (I don't have a job) But, I mean, at least I'd have it and don't have to be like, "Oh yeah...I don't have a phone...." and be embarressed about it. Granted, the reason I didn't have any electronics was entirely my fault. That's an entirely different story though. Also, I have been better. I am going to get counciling. :) Although, there is something else, that happened to go along with that. :/ But, hopefully they'll agree to just let me go to the school's councilors that come in. I've been extremely tired lately and I guess that's due to the stress but I also think I am coming down with a cold. :/ Hopefully it's not the flu, because that's been going around in school. O.O But yeah, that's the update thingy. 

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