Winners of the Advent Calendar Competition!

by , Friday January 27, 2017
Winners of the Advent Calendar Competition!

Winners of the Advent Calendar Writing Competition!

We've finished reading all of your christmassy advent stories - and now for the winners...


In this writing competition we wanted you all to write an advent calendar as either a fanfiction, supernatural, or romance story. You could have also chosen to design a cover or make a trailer for one of these same Christmas stories. After reading your festive entries from the season, we've found the four winners below...


Each winner will receive their movella as a papella :) Best cover also wins a papella! Remember that the story entered into the competition does not necessarily have to be the one that's made into a papella as the winners themselves can choose which stories they wish to have as a papella. And for any who missed it, papellas are basically movellas made into paperback books! 


We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thanks again to everyone who participated with their advent-inspired stories and covers.



Best Fanfiction

~CoffeeHouse~☕️ by Fantasygirl




Best Romance Story

They Said There'll be Snow at Christmas by Squonk of the Nightshade




Best Supernatural Story

Winter Festivals by The_Goldenfishy




Best Cover

White Christmas by Beautifully Music Nerd



We have two honorable mentions from this competition, stories that vary in length but take very different angles on this holiday season and make for great reading.


Christmas tales from the vampire by Fire, Water, Earth, Air



Run by Lavern L.C.




The winners will be contacted by email.

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